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Springvest story


Springvest Oy got started when founders realized in their previous jobs that promising Finnish growth companies have to invest a lot of time and effort into organizing their funding rounds. Even companies with a brilliant business idea and an excellent team could spend months in funding negotiations and still end back to square one - after all that time. Simultaneously, investors often look for new and modern high return potential investment opportunities in order to complement the old investment methods that are not yielding very high returns.


It is possible to mitigate these two challenges by bringing unlisted growth company shares available for a wider group of investors. In addition to professional venture capital funds, private investors should have a chance to participate in these deals. Springvest mission still remains: Springvest wants to create a service that enables the fast raising of funding rounds while allowing an access to these deals for a wider group of investors.  Take your share of growth company success stories!



Board of Directors

Anu Kaskinen, Petteri Kilpinen and Toni Lahti.



ryhmäkuva 2018.jpg

Springvest key people, in the front sitting: Markku Jussila, Terhi Vapola and Jouni Junkkila.

Standing behind: Jouni Mäkelä, Juha Pitkänen, Markus Tyrni, Mikko Sinivirta, Monica Lindberg, Anders Nyholm, Nico Hötti, Veera Hämäläinen, Petri Karhapää, Timo Nurminen, Jaakko Jääskelä and Tommi Kosonen.

Missing from the picture: Toni Lahti, Ulpu Tapanainen, Päivi Malinen and Anne-Mari Matikainen.



Helsinki Capital Region

Anders Nyholm, Growth Director, 044 076 6777

Jaakko Jääskelä, Growth Advisor, 050 462 9807

Jouni Mäkelä, Growth Director, 040 163 3696

Juha Pitkänen, Growth Director, 045 106 4122

Nico Hötti, Growth Director, 050 537 7697

Markus Tyrni,  Growth Director, 040 777 0393

Tommi Kosonen,  Growth Director,  040 500 7970

Mikko Sinivirta, Growth Advisor, 044 977 1613

Markku Jussila, Head of Sales, 040 532 2212

Jouni Junkkila, Head of Sales, 045 891 2122

Monica Lindberg, Sales Assistant, 040 660 1355



Markku Jussila, Head of Sales, 040 532 2212



Tommi Kosonen,  Growth Director,  040 500 7970



Juha Pitkänen, Growth Director, 045 106 4122

Jaakko Jääskelä, Growth Director, 050 462 9807

Mikko Sinivirta, Growth Director, 044 977 1613



Markku Jussila, Head of Sales, 040 532 2212


Petrin lähikuva uusi 2018.jpg

Asset Management


Petri Karhapää

Head of Asset Management

040 562 9686














Marketing and Communications

Veera Hämäläinen, Head of Marketing and Communications, 040 621 4747


Office Management

Ulpu Tapanainen, Office Manager, 0400 362 822



Anne-Mari Matikainen, Chief Financial Officer (ext), 050 322 1069



Päivi Malinen, Compliance Officer, 050 329 0846