Cookie Policy



The service utilises cookies. Cookies and the information collected with the aid of same are used to improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of the services.


Cookies are used to collect information of the manner in which visitors move about and behave on the website.


The information obtained through the use of cookies is anonymous in nature.


Within the framework of privacy protection legislation, information obtained with the aid of cookies and other technologies may, however, be combined with any other information received from the user in other connections.


The user has the option at any time to prevent the use of cookies entirely or in part by changing the settings of the browser they use. Saved cookies may be deleted, if so desired.


Cookies are necessary for the functioning of some of the internet services provided by the data controller, and we do not guarantee the functioning of the services unless the cookie functionality is in use.

Information collected with the aid of cookies is utilised in targeting communications and marketing as well as in the optimisation of marketing measures. 




Protection of Register



The data is transferred over an SSL-secured connection. Printouts of personal data are retained at the data controller’s offices, the space is locked and access control is in place.


Electronic information is firewall-protected. Electronic information is user ID-protected. Electronic information is password-protected. Only such persons in the service of the data controller and other designated persons who need the information in their work tasks have the right to use the information.