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Springvest Oy is a modern investment house, regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. We serve the most promising growth companies looking for an effective, trustworthy and easy way to raise capital. We focus on A rounds.


100% success track for raising the funds


If your company has what it takes to make it a global success story, we provide you with an effective and easy way to raise the capital you need to grow your company. So far every single funding round we have provided has resulted in the growth company getting its funding.


You can focus on growing your core business. On your behalf, we will contact investors and present your case. We have a strong network of investors across the country. Raising funds normally takes only  2–3 months.


We have raised over 50 million euros. On average every company has raised over a million euros from investors. Typical investment round size is 1 000 000 – 4 999 000 euros.


Together with you, we carry the investment risk with you by investing a significant part of our success fees into your company. You can take advantage of our network of advisors, should you need some help with your growth plans.



This is how it works:


  1. - We analyse your growth company and conduct the due diligence
  2. - Together we plan your investment round
  3. - Together we set the price for your company shares
  4. - We will contact investors on your behalf
  5. - We commit into the deal with the same terms 





  • You save your time and effort for growing your core business. 
  • Our efficient sales organization helps you to raise funds effectively and quickly. 
  • You get to be a part of our network of contacts. 

Selection and funding round process

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