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Looking for promising investment opportunities?


Springvest is a modern investment house. We provide opportunities to invest in promising unlisted growth companies. 



The best moment to invest in growth companies was yesterday, the second best moment is NOW. 


Thousands of investors have already invested in Finland's best growth companies through us. We make it easy for you. Our services allow you to invest in promising Finnish growth companies. We offer the best possible target companies for you: like a professional venture capitalist, you can benefit from a highly curated deal flow of startups that are hand-picked with expertise out of hundreds of potential growth companies looking for funding. Only a few percentages of companies can pass our tight scrutiny.


Despite and because of this, we have raised tens of millions of euros for the very best of the Finnish growth companies. As the largest crowdfunder in Finland (36% market share according to Repo Media, 2018) and the only one with 100% success rate in all rounds we have raised throughout our history, more and more highly interesting growth companies aim to raise funding through us. You can now take advantage of this positive cycle by investing and becoming part of our story!


Investing in unlisted growth companies comes with a high risk, as only a small percentage of startups will ever become a global success story. Springvest becomes an owner in each and every one of the growth companies we provide for investors; hence, our best interest is to provide only the very best for you too. Join us and become an owner in the most promising Finnish growth companies!



This is how it works:


  1. - We analyse hundreds of startups and growth companies.

  2. - We hand-pick the most promising growth companies.

  3. - The price of shares is jointly set with growth companies.

  4. - You are then invited to join the investment round.

  5. - We commit into the deal with the same terms as you (we are on the same boat).




  • - Direct investment in unlisted companies with potentiality for very high share price increase.

  • - Diversify your investment portfolio and balance the risk.

  • - Become an owner in Finnish growth companies, let's create growth and success stories in Finland, together.


Plant your seed for growth and enjoy watching it grow.